At CI Assante Wealth Management, ensuring the security of assets entrusted to us by clients is a key priority. It goes hand in hand with our mission – to help create wealth and prosperity for Canadian families.

Financial planning for a greater good

Money can be the instrument that connects you to your values and dreams. Our team at CI Assante Wealth Management aims to be a catalyst and a partner–helping align your wealth, passions, and purpose, so that you can pursue a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Our Process

Our strategies are equally proactive and defensive. Every step of our process considers the best ways to help you reach your goals, values and dreams. Through every stage we monitor, review and adjust our methods, allowing you to thrive presently before eventually retiring comfortably.


Financial Planning

The Assante Advantage has guided Canadians to wealth and fulfillment since 1995. Our branch is part of the Assante group that manages over $53 billion in Canadian wealth. We live up to strict financial regulations to provide you the highest quality of guidance in a down-to-earth environment.



Our advisors help you thrive today and build comfort for tomorrow. We work with you to build a retirement plan that is sustainable over the long term, and adapts as your life, the market and laws progress. You deserve to be comfortable always–and we help you preserve your hard-earned wealth by growing and maintaining your current lifestyle.


Estate Planning

The roof over your head should provide comfort for years to follow. Count on us to help you minimize taxes and maximize legacy opportunities before you eventually transfer your assets to the next generation.



Providing the tools, guidance & education to help you make better decisions and have greater outcomes.

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Get a better idea of how your money can build into long-term wealth.

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Get a better idea of how your money can build into long-term wealth.

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and Governance (ESG) funds

ESG funds allow us to invest in a world that is prosperous, diverse and sustainable. Let us help you create a thriving today and beautiful

Learn how we can align your wealth, values & dreams

We are a holistic financial advisory firm with a deeply rooted, evidence-based approach to wealth planning and investing.

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